Happy New Year everyone! Here's to hoping that 2021 brings us back to the venues you all love so we can all party together! We need this motherfuckers! Don't you??? 

We still have some goods in our store that could use a home. Check it out! Click the STORE tab above. We still have all 3 beanie designs, logo mirrors, koozies, a couple different patch designs and of course, our t-shirts. 


On a sad note, if you have not seen our posts, our BRAND NEW trailer, full with over 400 vinyl records, a bunch of other merch and gear was stolen in Milwaukee. We are besides ourselves. We don't like to beg, but man, we need some help. That trailer took most of our earned money on that last tour we had to stop, back in March. So it left us broke. Then got stolen. Fun times. People suck. If you'd like to help us, our PayPal is


Thank you. We love you all.


The Goddamn Gallows