As we prepare for our last 4 shows for the time being, we are eager and hopeful to see as many of you as possible. Come on out and party with us at the following shows! 

Sept 3 Muddy Roots Music Festival (Wood Stage, 11pm) 

Sept 6 The Brickyard Knoxville, TN

Sept 7 Cherry Street Tavern Chattanooga, TN

Sept 8 Sidetracks Music Hall Huntsville, AL 

In other non-touring news, we have been in the studio a whole lot as of late and are happy to say that we have recorded quite a bit of our new record as well as filmed a music video. We will be playing even more new songs at all these upcoming shows. 

More than ever, bands need support by their fans. If you cant make a show, buy a ticket anyway. Or buy one for a friend who can go and give it to them. All facets of the music industry have been decimated by the past 2.5 years of show disruptions and cancelations. It hasn't been easy on any of us financially. And if people don't start attending shows, even more venues will close. Help us all by being part of the solution. See you out there!