We are SO happy to announce that we have filmed a multi-cam, multi-mic PayPerView event. We filmed it at the ever so famous Mercury Lounge in Tulsa, OK. Click the link for your area and support your favorite dirtbags. WE LOVE YOU ALL!


Friday Dec 18th for North and South America

Saturday Dec 19th for Europe


On a sad note, if you have not seen our posts, our BRAND NEW trailer, full with over 400 vinyl records, a bunch of other merch and gear was stolen in Milwaukee. We are besides ourselves. We don't like to beg, but man, we need some help. That trailer took most of our earned money on that last tour we had to stop, back in March. So it left us broke. Then got stolen. Fun times. People suck. If you'd like to help us, our PayPal is


Thank you, The Goddamn Gallows 



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