Come on out and party with us! We are currently out on tour. Click the link just above this message board and check out the run. 

We whole heartedly say sorry to the West Coast and any states that get lumped into those tours. It hurts us to not be able to come out that way just yet. But with the costs involved in any tour, its too risky to roll all the way out there and have shows cancel on us. The fact that it CAN happen is the main reason for that  decision. But we promise that we are coming as soon as possible. 


 We have a few new shirt designs from a couple of our favorite artists, Olafh Ace and Tony Squindo.

While we are out we will keep our store closed. But we will add a bunch of new stuff to it when we return. 


It looks like we cannot do our highly anticipated West Coast tour with Weedeater. We held on as long as we could. But in the end, there are just too many cities in too many states that just don't seem to have their shit together, making it financially unstable for both bands. So we along with Weedeater have pulled the plug on the idea now. 

On a sad note, if you have not seen our posts, our BRAND NEW trailer, full with over 400 vinyl records, a bunch of other merch and gear was stolen in Milwaukee. We are besides ourselves. We don't like to beg, but man, we need some help. That trailer took most of our earned money on that last tour we had to stop, back in March. So it left us broke. Then got stolen. Fun times. People suck. If you'd like to help us, our PayPal is


Thank you. We love you all.


The Goddamn Gallows